I got my first Australian Shepherd,” Mago Merlino" as a  gift from a friend  of ours in 2002.  I immediately fell in love with the breed and for fun I tried showing him.  He was a natural and was very patient as learned my ropes.  We eventually became a great team ,unfortunately we found out that having Merlino only an ASCA pedegree we couldn’t do a lot of things in Italy. I was so very proud of him and myself as he always was placed first excellent, but I had to start looking for dogs with paper accepted in Italy!!.

So I started to look for subjects which reflected my vision of the perfect Aussie, I started to study a lot of bloodlines, by looking them up on internet, talking and contacting breeders in Italy and abroad!! I have bought some dogs which I hope will help me to realize my dream.

I would like to thank the many friends and mentors that have shared their knowledge and given words of wisdom.  I would especially like to thank the breeders which have entrusted me with theirs wonderful dogs.

I would also like to thank all person ,  who have   puts up with all the oddities that this dream has brought to my life.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my dogs or about the breed in general !